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          *About Us @ Happy Mouth Organics*             

What sparked the idea to create the business Happy Mouth Organics? To be honest, the lack of organic spices, herbs, teas etc. in the area had us really thinking of what we could do to help provide people with a reliable and beneficial product. Incorporating the fundamentals and the acquired experience throughout the culinary past and applying the methods learned into creative spice mixtures, unique and infused oils and teas, and even organic sugars. With these as prerequisites and firmly in place We felt confident, believing in Our company, and in our vision, to create the business, while holding true to the ethics and morals applied that we had became to understand.
 What We believe separates Happy Mouth Organics from other companies is our involvement with the community and the individual preparation and creation of our products. By focusing the key/vital properties of the specific item requested such as; Spices, Herbs, Teas, Sugars and Olive Oils and concentrically pairing them whether for holistic methods or practices, watching calories/saturated fat intake or just simply to blend them and create a harmony of flavors. 
    We then truly learned about our products individually, which led to the art of creating/infusing/combining new spices, teas, sugars or jams, pickling, or even a tasty treat. 

 We here at Happy Mouth Organics believe that in our Fundamental law to never forget where we came from, along with the road we had traveled. We promise always to adhere not only to the ideas that providing the CUSTOMER with not only a merged outlook on what they are purchasing, but giving them the opportunity to voice their opinions so we may fine tune our products and to genuinely meet them halfway on the personable, specific  or even the dreaded custom orders. :) 
    Allowing us to stay true to this lost artform of practiced business ethic, exposes the greed and lack of customer care in most if not all of todays supermarket's or large conglomerates/corporations.  

We, As the distributer of the products, have not only an obligation to the people, but furthermore we must set an absolute goal to knowingly provide and persevere throughout the raucous times in hopes to consistently satisfy and provide these services to our loyal customers.
    Some of our goals, as we, the business continue to grow and enlarge are to maintain a fair/affordable price range for those who elsewhere couldn't afford, or even have a possibility to purchase. Whilst upholding and balancing the utmost of importance with the quality of goods, comprising and finally merging the goods with certitude and earned trust, creating a collectively compounded product and thus our ability will stand for itself as we provide for the customer. They will see through our journey that we strive to administer the highest stature with our services and follow through proving that our; credo, our beliefs, product shipments, weights and prices which coincides with consistency, ensuring we achieve these goals by relentlessly dedicating ourselves to/that we can set goals, reach them & someday surpass the expectations and perceptions of Our company set by our loyal customers & now part of the Happy Mouth family.